Happy New Moon in Sagittarius! 🌚🌟

Sagittarius qualities are passionate and dramatic, but they’re also wise and thoughtful. They are resilient to challenges as they love physical and mental adventure! They get excited about their lives as if they were playing a game with unpredictable ups and downs…only if they have a purpose!

To make things a game, Sagittarians always need a sense of purpose in what they do. They want to know WHY they are doing what they are doing, like Indiana Jones going on an adventure in pursuit of someone and the Holy Grail.

This New Moon is an optimal time to look at your life from a Sagittarius perspective. As the Sagittarius arrow aims at something far away, the moon asks us: Are you enthusiastic about your life? If not, what can you dare to explore? What do you aspire to in the long term?

Where do you want to go with your compass? 🧭 Coaching is a great way to find your purpose and your compass.

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