Taking back the centre of yourself is not about becoming self-centred.

I coach those who are struggling to balance work and everyday life in the limited 24 hours. They may feel constantly being chased by time and things to do with no time for themselves. They may have given up to manage time and living day by day with stress. They are often wise souls who are very kind and nice to others. They tend to prioritise others’ or society’s wants and needs instead of theirs!

With my insight coaching, you are asked to stop for a moment, reflect, and go deeper inside yourself. The coach may ask you “Is it truly what you want?” Before aiming for your goal, you are supported to take back “the centre of yourself”, that is not about becoming self-centred or selfish.

You will be coached in the environment of…

Confidential – A safe confidential space is provided.
Non-judgemental – Topics are not judged by personal values or social norms.
Equal - A active partnership between the client and the coach is the base of the conversation.
Accountable – Respective responsibilities are observed by the client and the coach.



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