Have you ordered your happiness?

Now you are sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. Since you arrived at the restaurant, you’ve been waiting for some delicious dishes to be served. And, you wonder why nothing is served for over an hour! Then, you realize that you have not ordered anything yet! As soon as you arrived, you were carried away with the beautiful decoration and ambience of the restaurant, and you forgot to order any dish! You were waiting for good meals to be served without ordering anything.

We all want to be happy but ‘happiness’ is just a concept that you cannot grasp. You may have vague ideas or images that are created in complicated social and personal dynamics. Pursuing happiness without any definition is like sitting in a restaurant without ordering any particular dishes but hoping for some delicious meal to be served. Do you know what you truly want?

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My coaching with a unique Asian-Nordic perspective supports you to nurture your centre which does not wobble in a transitory environment. It means that you may be facing a big shift in life.

You may be pressured to take action but you are unable to constructively decide what to do next. You may want to transform yourself but don’t know exactly what it is. In such situations, I support you to understand what it is you truly seek and how you could approach it.

Transformation doesn’t magically happen overnight. It is a step-by-step process to nurture yourself with patience while grasping what you truly want and need. Coaching is a great tool to establish your firm ground that doesn’t sway in changeable circumstances.





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