Season’s greetings #1

Dear Wise Ones,
It’s already week 12 of 2024. How are you doing lately?

According to the book ‘The 12 Week Year’ (B. P. Moran, M. Lennington, 2013), which explains the benefits of thinking of a 12 week as a year, the last week of the 12 weeks equates to the end of the year. So how do the last 12 weeks go?

This week the sun reaches zero on the ecliptic, the vernal equinox, which marks “the beginning of a new solar cycle”. Before we head straight into spring and summer in the northern hemisphere, why not take a moment to be still and reflect on the past 12 weeks? And why not consciously welcome the next 12 weeks by asking yourself the following questions?

– Describe the last 12 weeks in 3 words.
– What have you learned?
– What have you let go of?
– What have you received?
– What do you appreciate most?
– What will you change in the next 12 weeks?

The greatest motivator for achieving goals is a deadline. To make the most of this, dividing a year into 12-week periods, or much shorter periods than a year, emphasises and clarifies the importance of our daily actions.

Don’t forget to put your health first and smile! 🙂

Warm wishes,
Coach Kazumi

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