“I was very frustrated and down with many aspects of my life and reached a point where I felt I needed to get outside help. Already within 3 weeks of starting our sessions I saw real progress! I bought a house which I had been wanting to do for the last 7 years! She helped me draw up a plan and put it into action immediately, I had no idea my possibilities were just right around the corner. She helped me initiate decluttering my life and finding work-family balance. My life has really turned around since Kazumi Life Coach came into my life. Thank you Kazumi!!”


“Kazumi is a caring, empathetic coach that is able to create a safe and warm place where the client is truly the center of all the attention. She is able to both listen carefully and, when needed, to push the client to the right direction in order to stay on track for reaching the goals of the session. Being also experienced in the corporate world and having a massive life experience thanks to her expat life I find her highly recommended to all people that want to be in safe and experienced hands and that want to work clearly and efficiently. Thank you for your time and professionalism!”


“I found Kazumi to be an excellent coach for many reasons. Her coaching has had a profound impact on my path. She is very professional without losing touch with reality. She was always very well prepared for the sessions which I find to be very important so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to re-tell things that you have already told. What I appreciated the most was the feeling of safety during the sessions where we sometimes touched on delicate and difficult topics. Kazumi has a deep and profound universal knowledge, this makes her very calm and present in the sessions. I felt safe and it made me able to open up even more which led to deep teachings.”


“Kazumi has the wonderful gift of holding space for the client while asking important guiding questions. The process stripped down my ideas only to the essential, and messy situations became clear.”

“A couple of months ago, I was referred to Kazumi by a close friend who also happens to be her client. After an initial consultation, I was immediately interested in continuing to receive guidance from Kazumi because she could efficiently identify and pinpoint the problems I was faced with. She is a trustworthy person who I can confide in, and she is gentle yet firm about the advice she gives. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone who needs clarity in life and wants to challenge the status quo.”

「わたしは、眠りながら”境界線” の言葉がこだまし、何度も何度も、繰り返し自分に言い聞かせた。よりなにより、凄く納得いく、分かりやすいカズミさんの説明が、染み込みました。家族からは何度も言われていたのに、カズミさんの言葉は私の身体にすっと入ってきました、”その通り” だと。身近の人の話より、客観的にみて、そして信頼できる人の言葉だったから、本当に身に染みました。わたし、今日から変われそうです。そんな確信みたいなもの感じてます。」

“I really appreciated Kazumi’s coaching in one of the biggest transitional periods in my life — becoming a mother. With her good questions and intent listening, she supported me in gaining more clarity about my personal priorities and helped me regain my confidence in a professional path.”

“With Kazumi as my Coach, I have been challenged to think very much outside the box! In our coaching partnership, I clearly felt I grew during and also after each session. Kazumi’s coaching skills and how she applies her toolbox has been an absolute pleasure and so much fun! I look forward to future coaching sessions to continue to be challenged into further growth.”

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