December Greetings

Hello my coachees, 

How are you doing? The world is changing dramatically, but how is your 2023 going?

My 2023 has been a year of action and implementation around my home and work matters that I’ve been facing over the past few years. Living in Japan after a long time away has given me the opportunity to learn more not only about Japan but also the closeness of Asian countries, which has made me feel excited! I foresee this process continuing in 2024, with more introspection, adjustment and trial and error as I continue with my life’s purpose of ‘living on my own axis’ and ‘balancing my home and work’.

December is busy but the perfect time to start thinking about aspirations and plans for the coming year, and to start sowing the seeds. 

In December, I ask my coachees to focus on what you’ve achieved rather than feeling rushed or guilty about not achieving your goals for 2023. People are just constantly making choices, prioritizing and living in a limit of time. There is no past or future. All we have is Here and Now. At the end of the year, look at what you have achieved and learned in 2023, celebrate it while taking good care of yourself. 

Coaching is a great solution to make this process more conscious, proactive and efficient. Once you become my coachee (client), it’s a 一期一会 / ichi go ichi e* experience and you will remain in a corner of my heart. As a coach, I always wonder how you are doing. If there is anything that coaching can help you with, please contact me anytime.

* 一期一会 / ichi go ichi e means “once-in-a-lifetime encounter (hence should be cherished as such)”.

Wish you a healthy and joyful December!

Coach Kazumi / @kazumicoach

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