Happy New Moon in Virgo in 2023

Collectively, it is such a powerful and beautiful New Moon!
Every year the Sun and the Moon regularly meet in Virgo and urge us to review our day-to-day living, including our health, diet, daily routines, cleaning/detoxing, etc. Yet, what is significant about this year’s Virgo New Moon is that the pair (of the Sun and the Moon) is opposing the other end of the polarity Pisces with its ruler Neptune, the planet of illusion!
This New Moon may induce you to wake up from a deep dream or long-term illusion. It may feel like “Now it’s time to face the reality and details after a long overdosed escapism.” Neptune in Pisces is a serious make-believe. The escaped world may have become real and you could live in it. This is happening individually and collectively. We realize now that things are still not in practice. All the organic beings have bodies to take care of. We need to eat, defecate, move, and sleep every day. To carry on our lives on Earth, we have to conduct our day-to-day routines.
Virgo is a realistic Earth sign who wishes whatever she does is helpful and practical. For example, if I want to lose weight, Virgo may directly urge me to record my daily weight and find appreciable exercises, programs, and diet. It’s appropriate and useful but this New Moon is indicating more than that.
Together with other powerful planets, Uranus/the great awakener, and Pluto/the transformer, and the polarity of the New Moon and Neptune/the urge for transcendence is forming a magical kite in the sky. This placement may organically bring a life-changing revelation about our ordinary day-to-day life. If we consciously want to work with this New Moon, we could ask ourselves: How can we connect with our make-believe in reality? What changes do we need to make now? How can our daily routines be the expressions of our core needs and something to develop our souls every day?
Be mindful of what we do every morning/evening. Let’s carefully look into the roots and sources of our day-to-day behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to find out where it comes from. What kind of daily routines do we have? Perhaps list them up. What effect does each routine have on us? Does it come from our core needs? Is it helpful to feel our souls clean?
The New Moon is always the optimal time to start afresh, make an intention, and sow a seed. Enjoy!
Image: A vegetarian quiche – I made it for the first time in my life!

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