Mercury retrograde in Virgo

How are you surviving and thriving in this highly intense period?
On Wednesday the 23rd Aug, Mercury started to go retrograde. Just before and after the day, for me, things happened quite obviously as typical examples of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, this time, in conjunction with Mars! 😮
This week, I’ve been feeling I have no time to breathe. It’s not that I have no time but I overly felt that I have to be attentive every step I take. (Look into details – overly Virgo!) This contributes to my shallow and inconsistent sleep with an excessively alert brain (Mars in Virgo). Naturally, I fell into a vicious cycle of lack of sleep – lack of patience – feeling tired and overwhelmed – little /over alertness – shallow breathing/sleep… Still, I needed to do loads of “practical things” (Virgo). Awwwww.
Consequently, this situation brought me two conflicting communications with my clients and 3 no-shows! If I didn’t practice astrology, I would have gone nuts and depressed about these events thinking “What’s going on with me?” Instead, I was chilling and reacted “Wow, this Mercury retrograde conjunction with Mars in Virgo is much more obvious and powerful than other MRs before! Crazy!” This helped me separate these events from myself and keep my energy for the 4-hour coaching examination scheduled on Tuesday and my other tasks moving forward.
The bad news is, astrologically, this intensity in the air will continue with ups and downs and become even stronger for several years or even longer. The good news is, in this century, we have all the opportunities and knowledge available to become more enlightened about how to be ourselves in such situations than any other centuries before, only if we choose to be and commit to thriving no matter how outer influence/events happen around us.

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