Happy New Moon in Leo 2023

Since the Moon moved to Leo from Cancer on Monday, it feels like the energy in the air has shifted to more driven and focused. As this new moon is meaningful and powerful, I hope we utilize this energy to retrieve who we are.

Maturing the energy of Leo within us is becoming more and more important for years to come. Leo ruled by the Sun, the center of the solar system, signifies our pride, confidence, self-expression, creativity, and uniqueness. If we expand the quality without maturity, it becomes mere selfishness, arrogance, and complacency. With maturity, it becomes our fuel to shine from within and extend the light and warmth to others and the world.

Why did I say “years to come”? Because the world is heading faster into Aquarian quality as many people call it the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius signifies innovations, revolutions, collectiveness, outer space, higher intelligence, objectiveness, etc. Aquarius may sacrifice the emotional needs of individuals for collective fairness and needs. On the contrary, Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius, secures our boundaries as individual beings by clearly knowing who we are and how we can shine. Besides, Leo’s dramatic and emotional aspect truly reminds us to embrace our subjectivity, passion and joy of being human with our hearts.

The tension between the Moon’s nodes and retrograding Pluto will continue for a while. Especially since the nodes moved to the Aries – Libra polarity in July, we are asked to review our relationship with ourselves and our partners. Aries similarly highlights the energy of following our passion and being who we are, in terms of the relationship with our partners.

Image: Odensjön/ Oden’s Lake – Interestingly, my learning about the Leo – Aquarius polarity is somehow deeply connected with Odensjön.

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