Life Coaching for 2022

How did you evolve during 2021? What do you need to let go before moving into 2022?
Life Coaching is open to any people and topics related to everyday life. As I’m currently working on becoming a certified Coach, I’m offering the first session (60 min) for FREE as well as affordable offers for anyone! Just message me.
Image: A horse at Hollins/ woodcut print by Kazumi early 1990’s
In university, I used to ride several saddles everyday because I belonged to an intercollegiate riding team. Now I cannot believe it since I’m so far away from horses. When I was in the team, I struggled because I did not like competitions. I felt so good when I won but I was super down and blamed myself when I lost. It was a constant battle with my self-confidence and self-doubt. When I started to ride for the first time, it was a pure joy of knowing horses and myself, the connection with the other being sharing warmth and breathing.
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