Happy Full Moon in Cancer!

Today, it’s precisely two weeks before the Lunisolar New Year’s day (the New Moon in Aquarius). For the coming two weeks, it’s a great opportunity to start setting a New Year’s resolution. As the Moon is in Cancer, it’s good to go deeper inside your feelings about the topics like home, family, ancestors, tribes, belonging, and security, which is the foundation of our everyday life.
Here’s my suggestion that you might want to reflect and feel around:
  • What happened around the time of the new moon in Cancer on 29th June 2022? What did you think and feel then especially about home, family, or emotional security?
  • What is home/ family/ belonging to you?
  • What is an emotional connection that is meaningful to you?
  • What brings you security? What do you need for it?
For the New Year’s resolution, during the two weeks, please try to write down “what you really want at this time of your life” without any limit. During this period, your imagination may expand, you may have dreams, and you may get a sudden revelation or an awakening. Write down anything you got and you want as much as you can. Then, look at the list, prioritise them, make deadlines, or create a vision board. If you are stuck in the process, let’s do it together in our coaching session. 🙂 Above all, enjoy the process!

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