Sagittarius Season is here!

Today (22 Nov), the Sun entered Sagittarius. In the sky, the South Node is also in Sagittarius, staying close to the Sun, which could indicate that the North Node in Gemini encourages us to re-learn whatever we think we know or believe in our society and culture. In other words, this transit urges us to consciously doubt our established beliefs. 


Sagittarius is a centaur in Greek mythology. Centaurs being half human and half horse attributes the duality of sophistication and untamedness. Sagittarius with a bow and an arrow is considered as a wise centaur who is a philosophical and free-spirited teacher. Astrologically, the sign is ruled by Jupiter (Zeus), the largest planet in the Solar System as well as the king of the gods in mythology, which makes Sagittarius adventurous, generous and expansive. It is the mutable Fire sign. He is passionate and dramatic for his own pursuit (a bow and an arrow) but also he knows how to direct his energy relating to people and society. 


The original roots of Sagittarius is a free-loving explorer who is passionate about aiming for the goal and going beyond the frontiers. For centuries, however, it is also true that this archetype has established various religious, social and cultural belief systems and higher education (academic), focusing on the sophisticated human side and dropping off the untamed animal side. The Sun being together (conjunction) with the South Node in the current sky tells us that “Let’s review Sagittarius with fresh curious eyes before judging…whatever we believed to be true may not be so with the shifting self-value and society.” What is the calling of the wild side of Sagittarius? Are you aiming for the right target? Be philosophical only for the pursuit of pure intention.


Believe it or not, the conjunction of this transit Sun and the South Node is happening on my natal Sun at this moment. To me, this is the re-learning of my Sun – the core of my being, life force and inner authority, how to remember the original roots of Sagittarius.


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