The Power of the Pisces Full Moon

21 September 2021 (retrograde post)

Over the night between Monday and Tuesday (at 1:55am to be exact), the Moon was becoming full in Pisces*. The final stage of my bathroom renovation, plumbing, occurred as if it were meticulously planned for these two days of the Full Moon.

On Monday, the plumbers laid all the pipes and established the water routes. Today (Tuesday) at 7:30am, they started to connect the outlets of water (a shower, a toilet, a tab for a basin, etc). By 9am, water was released and flowing in the pipes!

Interestingly, while this work was carried out, transit Venus was exactly moving over my Ascendant in Scorpio. I felt something significant and transformative was happening not only for my bathroom but for my natal Venus in Capricorn.

*Pisces is ruled by the god of the sea, Neptune, and related to any kind of WATER.

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