Here and Now with Life Coaching

30 September 2021 (retrograde post)

Being a Coach, still being trained to be certified for the next level, I am coaching my peer coaches and, simultaneously, I am being coached by them. It is such a wonderful process and revelation to get to know myself better and deeper. Coaches are not psychotherapists or mind-readers. We are reflections of clients. We are not keen on talking about the past. Instead, we ask clients to see Here & Now. Once we confirm where we are at the moment, we can think about the future.

Yesterday, I was coached by a peer coach. We talked about my plan for the coming months and I got several good ideas. When I visualised myself making actions, however, I suddenly frowned feeling overwhelmed in my brain and stomach, and even exhausted! Why? It happened when I started to think about the logistics of these actions. There was so much clutter on the way. “Before doing this, I need to reduce my accounts in Google and various social media!” I explained to the coach. “Social media is a good tool but it requires much nurturing. As of now, I have created too many accounts. I need to reduce them to the only essentials. Then, I can take good care of them.”

Before the coaching session, I was only thinking about planning my future actions. After the session, I was only thinking about how I can select the essential accounts and smoothly reduce them. (It is often easy to create accounts but complicated to remove them.) This morning, I unbooked a few appointments in my schedule to unburden my brain. Then, I can focus on reducing the clutter in my plan. Before adding something, we need to unload something, make a space or even reset what existed before physically, mentally and emotionally.

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