Happy Full Moon in Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! How are you faring this Virgo season? Do you have lots of practical matters to attend to? Do you need to take care of your health or reformulate your daily routines? 


As the full moon is when you see the Sun and the Moon at the exact opposite in the sky, astrologically, it is the time to balance. If the Sun is in Virgo, the full Moon is in the opposite sign, Pisces. The bright full moon shows the situation clearly and sheds light on any imbalance or what no longer serves us. This time, the Moon is together with Pisces’ ruler Neptune, which enhances the energy of Pisces (Water, Collective, Healing, Sensitive, Compassionate, Forgiveness, Dreams, Unconscious, etc.), as well as both the Sun and the Moon are in favourable aspects with transit Pluto in Capricorn, which shows the balance is even more critical for our life’s transformation.


In a mundane sense, the Pisces Moon advises us that our health is not only maintained by the meticulous healthy diet, routine or analysis about our body (Virgo) but also a holistic view, deep healing within, attention to our sensitivity and unconsciousness (Pisces). To realise genuine health, we need to approach it from outer and inner needs. If we’ve been self-critical for the past month, we need as much compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves. At the full moon, we are reminded to make a ‘healthy’ balance between details and the holistic view. 


Following the Moon phase allows us an opportunity to reflect and adjust our process.

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