Structure vs Super Mario – Which format do you fit in?

11 October 2021 (retrograde post)

Once I noticed my blockage to the words like “schedule” and ‘plan’ in the last Coaching session, I started to unfold my subtle discomfort to certain words or expressions. “Structure” is another word that I’ve been feeling resistant to. To build a solid house, we need a good structure. To manage a project, we need an organisational structure. However, I’ve been unconsciously associating the expression “structure” with social hierarchies, rigid traditions or even totalitarianism’s negative connotations.

If I search the meaning of the word, it mainly signifies “the way in which the parts of a system or object are arranged or organized, or a system arranged in this way; something that has been made or built from parts, especially a large building” (Cambridge Dictionary). It’s nothing to do with hierarchy, tradition or controlling which are extended images added through my experience.

Coaching sessions need to be “structured”. Coaches have a mission to move clients from point A to point B through dialogues. To do that, coaches listen to every part of the conversation and frame them for clients’ attention. Without this “structure”, a coaching session would be just a friendly conversation. I realised my need to completely change my image of “structure”. Together with the word “the path” for scheduling, an image of Super Mario jumping and winning rewards appeared in my mind. My “structure” could be like the path of Super Mario! Many components are hidden and structured in his path which is not too long and has a moment of relief between stages. That is a good structure!

In the sky, Saturn started to go direct today. Saturn expresses all sorts of “structures” in astrology. Perhaps my negative connotations came from the malefic image of Saturn…who brings limitations and organisations! Simultaneously, Saturn is indispensable in our life to make things realistic and tangible. When he goes direct, we start to see the reality more clearly and carry out what is feasible to take various components into consideration.

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