The intensity of 2021 – Letting go with astrology

12 October 2021 (retrograde post)

I just have to say… October is such an intense month of the year! 😲 Though Mercury retrograde is always said that communications and travelling tend to get interrupted and messy, I’ve never felt its effect this much! Lots of miscommunications, bad timings, interruptions, out-of-work…etc, etc. Especially now, with the big planets starting to go direct, significant or unexpected events may be happening more and more! 😲

In modern astrology, we don’t say “The planets are affecting us or influencing our lives” (though I use this expression sometimes for easier understanding). We rather say “We can reflect our lives to the movements of the planets.” For example, you may be frustrated because your computer is malfunctioning. Instead of over-frustrated the situation, you could think “Oh boy, Mercury is retrograding…I’ll do my best but I leave the rest to the universe.” We don’t need to unnecessarily take the situation “too personally”, rather we can let go by grasping something much bigger at work in the sky. Take care! ❤🌟

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