Happy New Moon in Libra 2021

6 October 2021 (retrograde post)

Happy New Moon in Libra! This dark night of the month highlights all sorts of “relationships”, mainly “I and the other”. When the balance in-between is not maintained, it is the time to justify. Relationships can be a constant struggle or dance about how we relate to others. Now it’s the time to make a healthy and honest intention for it.

It’s a big day today since the planet Pluto starts to move forward tonight. Since it’s the furthest planet in the Solar System, many people may not notice it. Having Pluto as my guardian planet, I’ve been feeling it for quite some time and hope that it brings more clarity to lots of things. In society, it may help to reveal brutal truth more and more.

#newmoon #libra #astrocoaching #pluto

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