Happy New Moon in Leo 2021

Astrologically, this New Moon is again very rare and special because it is sandwiched by two full moons in Aquarius, the opposing sign of Leo. Some say that it’s lucky because of the 8th of August (8/8). Number 8 is considered a lucky number in various ancient civilizations. Others say that it is powerful because it coincides with the celestial event of the ancient Egyptian calendar. All I know is that this phenomenon indicates a stark tension between Leo (individuals) and Aquarius (humanity) because of their fixed quality (stubborn).

For me, the polarity between Leo and Aquarius has felt like a dilemma between me and the vaccination. Our bodies are supposed to belong to private individuals but, in this case, they are treated as public matters and affected by social opinions. In the name of public health, I am not fully owning my own body. I recognised my dilemma of whether my private body is not purely mine but belongs to society (Eriksen, 2015).

Astrology really helped me release my frustration. This Leo – Aquarius polarity is not only showing the tension between the individuals and society but also how individuals should BE / live in the society, increasing ‘Aquarius’ qualities.

In astrology, the sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, the centre of the Solar System. The Sun represents the core of our being, life force and what we need to radiate. It also symbolises the heart, kindness and care. The opposing sign Aquarius (ruled by Saturn & Uranus) implies humanity, ideals, independence, innovation, originality, etc. Aquarius concerns people but not in the sense of individual empathy but the sense of fairness and survival in humanity as a whole.

Society is rapidly generating futuristic Aquarius events and norms into our everyday life, mainly represented by advanced technologies like space journeys, high tech vaccines, cyber-attacks, etc. On the other hand, our body has not changed much for thousands of years at least. Our internal organs precisely function in the same way as they did in ancient people. Leo representing the heart signifies that we have to remember our heartbeat and humaneness no matter how external society fluctuates and shifts. If we forget Leo-ness, we are lost and dead.

Simultaneously, the sky is telling that there’s no way back to the time before the covid. We are somehow entering a completely different era, the Age of Aquarius, a time we have never experienced before. This event of the vaccination is very symbolic in terms of nobody really knowing what happens next. Thus, it is important to reclaim our inner authority. We must decide our vaccination based on our knowledge, physical conditions and discernment. Aquarius also represents our independence. Social responsibilities are no longer centralised but distributed to individuals.

Eriksen, T. H., Small Places, Large Issues, An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology, 4th Edition, 2015.

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