Full Moon in Aquarius (2021.07.24) vs Sun in Leo

Today the Sun moves into Leo. Two days later, we will have the Full Moon in Aquarius (1.26 degrees). As the Moon was at perigee yesterday, this week’s events of the Sun and the Moon are quite intense. In the Swedish chart, the Full Moon on Saturday happens on its Asc/Dsc, which highlights “Self vs. Others” together with the Aquarius Moon in conjunction with Capricorn Pluto at the Descendant and the Leo Sun close to Cancer Mercury on the Ascendant.

It may induce powerful tensions between the Individual & the Collective, Home & World, etc. In society, how we handle the corona vaccine symbolises this tension. While democratic countries officially say (perhaps except France) that you have a choice to take it or not, in reality, they are deliberately forcing us to take the vaccine (though they have no idea how to take care of the side effects). The polarities between Leo (self) & Aquarius (society) and Cancer (private) & Capricorn (public) have been forcefully negotiated.

In summer 2021, we will have another Aquarius Full Moon on 22nd August, two Aquarius Full Moons in a row! In between, we have the New Moon in Leo on 8th August. So, it is no brainer that the tension between Leo & Aquarius is high. I looked into my journal about what I did around the New Moon in Aquarius this year (11th February 2021) because, for me, the message from around that time clearly continues as my theme and sheds new light on it.

More about Aquarius & Leo:
Astrologically, the base of 2021 is the square between Aquarius Saturn & Taurus Uranus, which may bring unexpected events (both good & bad in our mundane sense) to Earth, society, monetary system, security, innovation, etc. Jeff Bezos travelled to space in the midst of this and came back without any damage. To me, this is due to the support of the Nodes and Chiron’s favourable aspects to Aqu Saturn. As if our past and karma are questioning us “Do you trust yourself? How do you want to express yourself in the age of Aquarius?” That is “How do you shine your Leo (the Sun)?”

At the same time, the video clip of Bezos coming back from the space tour, hugging and splashing champagne each other left me a huge impression of “detachment” from the reality on Earth (Aquarius) where people are concerned about the pandemic, the vaccination, natural disasters, day-to-day economy, conflicts, climate changes, etc. The shadow of Aquarius is the blindness to the authentic human-ness, 3D reality and human beings with the heart, that Leo provides on the other side of the spectrum.

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