July Sky, Conflict & Anger

Things are not happening to us but for us. We want to understand it intellectually but we react to it emotionally and protectively under the Sky of 2021. Containing eruptive conditions, July has been full of unexpected events (both good & bad in a mundane sense), like, out of the blue, I experienced conflict with other people! 😮

I rarely have conflicts because I consciously or unconsciously avoid them. Even when I feel uncomfortable, unfair or unreasonable in some situations, I try very hard to soothe myself with intellect and reasoning instead of facing the other person by asserting myself. I am not scared to fight with other people but my love for peace & harmony is too strong (Libra Mars/South Node in the 11th house) to quickly find the equilibrium between me and other people.

In my life, my anger has been greatly ignored by me. Recent years, however, I finally took it at heart that it was not at all good for me because anger is the sign that “I am” and “I need to stand for myself”. In astrology, anger belongs to Mars, the god of war, our vital force, assertiveness and standing on our ground. So, when anger rises up, our primal energy is telling us “Our core power is threatened, we have to do something for us!” Since anger is considered negative or unprogressive in society, we tend to press down our anger. Anger itself is not bad. Since anger is fire & energy, we need it to live and it fuels us to move forward! Rather, how we deal with anger needs to be more learned and trained in everyday life.

Besides, I learned that if I ignore my anger, I never gain my true confidence because I never genuinely stand for myself. Anger arises for myself, so it does not matter whether my reasoning or stance is based on my subjective perspective. I have to express my frustration aloud to other people even if I feel so uncomfortable. I need to always be on my side, no matter what I do or say (with my full competence at the moment). Thus, the recent incidents happened FOR me to highlight clearer on that point.

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