Cancer New Moon & power of emotions

(Belated Happy New Moon in Cancer!) The Moon has already moved to Leo but how are you feeling (Cancer/the Moon) this weekend? This New Moon is quite significant because it is opposing transit Pluto (retrograding) in Capricorn, which brings a strong tension between private vs. public, belonging vs. standing alone, etc. We are urged to transform such areas of our life but how?

In the backdrop of this event, powerful planets are forming a ‘gridlock’ (T-square) in Fix signs. Lots of unprecedented events are happening on Earth. We don’t even know what the Truth is, whom to listen to or what to choose. Leo and Aquarius urge us to think and feel – Do we go for social values or our own values? The most crucial thing is not about choosing the ‘right’ answer but the answer based on our own values and discernment.

Tonight, Mercury moves into Cancer and we may feel an impulse to express our emotions and communicate with our family and close friends. Feel what feels right for us. That is not easy as it sounds. As we have unconsciously fixed beliefs and emotions, we need to ask ourselves for every event every moment. Am I doing from my values and or public values? Do I know how I want to live?

PS For me, the past three days were very Cancerian days. By chance, I met good friends of mine and spent time by the sea. We talked about fluctuating but honest emotions which nurtured me for my further learning (9th house) what I believe and where I am.

Pic by me – A ladybug at a seashore, Ängelholm

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