Happy New Moon & solar eclipse in Gemini

Happy New Moon & solar eclipse in Gemini! It has been very Gemini days for me. A variety of practical and conceptual information and errands have been surging around me. It is like our current messaging systems. There are quite a few of them. I remember that I have received different messages from people but do not remember which message came through which system. I lose track of it if I do not respond immediately. At the same time, if I respond reactively I lose track of my life.

This New Moon together with Mercury is quite important since the North Node is now in the same sign. Gemini opposing Sagittarius signifies primary intellect. Gemini is the principal ability to communicate – learning & using languages, collecting information, and communicating with others regardless of the contents.

While Gemini does not much care about any deep thought or understanding in communications, Sagittarius finds it important to communicate something meaningful. Gemini, the first Air sign in the Zodiac, is simply curious and happy to utilise their given skills of communicating and interacting with others.

Deep thinking Sagittarius also signifies our belief systems which connect our old thinking patterns, which may hinder us from just uttering words without considering consequences like how others may think. The current emphasis on Gemini may tell us “Just speak! Express what we need and want.”

My test drawing with GoodNote 🙂 “Really?” It’s a great fun! 😄

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