Magic happens – total lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse on Wednesday was a very special one for me because I flew like a bird for the first time in my life! Being an imaginative person, flying does not scare me. I actually feel even more natural than walking or running (in my imagination)! 😉

In the 3rd dimension, we have bodies, which I tend to forget. My thoughts and imaginations go high and far. Society calls it “daydreaming”, “non-realistic” or the worst “escapism”. Having my Mercury and Sun conjunct with Neptune in the first house, I am like “the embodiment of Daydreamer & Escapist”! Lol! For a long time, I considered it a curse.

Recently, a couple of wise people remarked on this curse as gold. They reminded me that Neptune, the cause of the daydreaming, could be my big mental capacity and the source of my eternal inspirations and inspiring others.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius was symbolic for me since the worlds of my imagination and my physical reality came together. I can truly fly. It’s not a joke or daydreaming. The instructor Pierre has been flying for 33 years having his business making people fly!

This magic happened when I fused with the energy of my dear flying Taurus friend Carina Johansson Synchronistically, my astro chart on the day connects the dots of my recent experiences by the eclipse making a mystic rectangular with my Nodes. Magic happens.

Video: Over Kåseberga by me

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