Move from A to B by Coaching

The year 2020 brought a shock to humanity. In 2021, we are continuously experiencing shifts in our everyday life. Do we take it as a threat or an opportunity? “You see, once you are on the path, you cannot go back,” I was told by a wise astrologer. How do we want to live on this new path?

Being a Coach, I am not just a listener. I have a mission to pragmatically provide a carriage for clients to move from A to B. It is not just about achieving goals and targets set by our practical thoughts. To sustainably move in our path, we need to tap into our inner reservoir to refill our carriage.

If you are curious about Coaching, please let me know. I am happy to explain it over fika before you make a move. 🙂

Image by Danielle Macinnes from Unsplash

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