Jupiter enters Pisces!

Tonight Jupiter enters Pisces and stays for a few months! This period (and the next year) is actually a once in a lifetime experience because this transit makes the energy of Pisces go wild! Pisces is not a ‘wild’ sign but it is tremendously expansive without any boundary. By chance, gassy buoyant Jupiter and Neptune are Pisces ruler planets and stay in their sign together after over 160 years.

This transit may bring out more and more “Pisces matters” to the light. In everyday life, the ocean which covers 70% of the globe is usually unnoticeable. With this transit, some may realise “Oh, we are busy dealing with 30% of the globe without realising what kind of tension or disturbance is happening in the rest of the sphere.”

In astrology, Pisces represents qualities of the non-measurable and non-visible like our deep inner-world such as our sensitivity, unconsciousness, dreams, healing and spirituality. It also relates to our artistic, imaginative and escapist qualities. In a way, Pisces deals with matters not practical or in reality in an ordinary sense. As to the matters or areas of Pisces, we must discern it in our own way. There is no dichotomy of right or wrong or classification to separate matters.

For me, this transit is happening to tell us “Pay attention to the matters of Pisces!” and balance the un-noticed sphere regardless of whether you care or not. It is a natural law. There is no judgement. There is only acceptance and surrender, which is very Pisces!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski from Unsplash

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