Taurus is nature, nature is tangible.

Happy New Moon in Taurus! In society, Taurus, the Bull, has often symbolised money, materialism and finance as ‘tangible’. In recent years, Uranus is passing through Taurus and affecting all the matters related to our tangible world, particularly this year, with being challenged by Saturn in Aquarius, verifies and questions our tangible reality. What is ‘tangible’ and ‘steady’ for us to carry on to the next era (the age of Air)? Is money tangible?

For me, nature and my five senses are tangible, which are originally represented by Taurus. On this day, I chose to be in nature (Taurus) 🌿🌳💦 with wild dynamic wonder friends! Taurus is not just slow, steady and patient because it is represented by a bull. Since it represents nature, she knows everything has the season and the right timing, mastering the rhythm of life and importance of step by step. 🙏❤

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