Karmic transformation is here and now

In the latter half of April, I have been feeling like living in a bubble, a strange disconnection from my surroundings. At the same time, it was a strange feeling that something was happening in my deep inner world, perhaps my unconsciousness where I cannot reach or grasp. If I look back at my astro calendar, it happened quite suddenly around when the Sun was in square to Pluto on the 16th, which was followed by continuous dances by Uranus changing partners one after another, Mercury, Venus and the Sun, meanwhile, Pluto started to retrograde.

In astrology, Pluto (asteroid) is considered the smallest planet at the farthest edge of the Solar System, but it is the most powerful one among the other 10 Astro planets. Pluto is Hades in Grecian mythology, the lord of the underworld. Its energy reaches the deepest and bottomless dimension of our being as it deals with life and death. Death is the ultimate end of our tangible being (body) but, simultaneously, it is the profound soil to renew our intangible part (soul).

Having been used as a fortune-telling device seeing the future, astrology has been considered mystical. Also, its ‘rebirth’ concept of seeing the past makes astrology even more esoteric and non-scientific. In my astrology, I put emphasis on neither the future nor the past but they are indispensable parts of the logos of the stars from the human perspective.

The most important thing is always “who we are now”, living this life fully. Yet, to understand the current situation, it is quite useful to understand “who we were before” because we, unconsciousness, in particular, are often influenced by “who we were before”. By acknowledging, it makes it easier to notice how we want to be now.

Besides, ‘who-we-were-before’ is crucial when we want to understand our soul purpose and karmic wounds in this life. In astrology, our life purpose is about “Knowing we are here now to do something which we did not achieve or experience in previous lives”, which is usually deeply related to our karmic personalities, behaviours and wounds.

In 2021, especially around this time, “karmic” wounds and soul’s purposes may surface or be felt by five senses because of the stellium (a cluster of planets) in Taurus being stimulated by Saturn. In this season, Saturn practically helps our life purpose to develop (Trine to the North Node) while we are feeling our karmic wounds (sextile with Chiron).

Pluto, the key driver of the soul’s transformation (life & death) is also utilising the stellium to manifest in reality (trine) and even in unconsciousness (a sextile to Neptune). Also, it may bring tangible healing (Neptune) to our past souls (the South Node).

With this transit, I started to understand that the inner world is as vast as the universe. There are billions of layers and levels of intangible activities. There is no end or a single right way in exploring the inner world. What I feel for sure is, in 2021, some of the things finally started to be revealed to laypeople like me in our five senses to go beyond the karmic patterns and wounds and transform our souls, which was not possible for the past thousands of years.

To express this ungraspable matter is quite challenging for me but something I feel the need to do. Having Pluto as my rulership, as well as being much supported (and challenged) by the planet of explorer Juipter, is part of my quest to understand what stars are constantly telling me to shed light on my path. The current Pluto transit encourages my Pluto that the time is here to transform my karmic patterns, which feels very scary because it is to go beyond what I know and move forward into the unknown.

PS As I am an Asian brought up in a culture based on Eastern philosophy, the concept of ‘rebirth’ is not something to reject or accept, rather it was naturally embedded in various religions and belief systems in my culture, and it was more up to if you feel it so or not.

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen from Unsplash

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