Super Full Moon in Scorpio vs stellium in Taurus

Happy Super Full Moon in Scorpio! Hope you enjoyed the bright Full Moon in the clear sky. After Easter, it has been a time of slow start and awakening. As the sunray suddenly got so powerful, we rushed outside with light clothes but we were shrunk by the chilly air. For me, this situation reminds me of the current Taurus season and Taurus Uranus’ ongoing square to Capricorn Saturn.

Taurus, the embodiment of the physical world, does not want changes. When Taurus people change, it has to be step by step like a seasonal change. This pandemic, however, has impacted all of us equally and forced us a drastic change. We all want stability and steadiness in our everyday life. Perhaps many of us want to go back to ‘normal’ before the pandemic. Taurus people may feel it the most because current online meetings and changeable social norms are NOT what realistic, tangible, risk-averse, steady Taurus can easily digest.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a good reminder of the Moon making a powerful tension to the cluster of personal planets together with Uranus in Taurus. We all need the Taurus energy to live on Earth, that is this third dimensional world on Earth. However, humanity has been in the midst of ‘Taurus transformation’ as Uranus, the planet of unexpected events/explosions, is moving through it from 2018 to 2025.

In society, Taurus, the Bull, has often symbolised money, materialism and finance as ‘tangible’. In recent years, Uranus is passing through Taurus and affecting all the matters related to our tangible world, particularly this year, with being challenged by Saturn in Aquarius, verifies and questions our tangible reality. What is ‘tangible’ and ‘steady’ for us to carry on to the next era (the age of Air)? Is money tangible? What about the earth beneath us? Interestingly, Taurus originally represents Earth, nature, land, our sensual five senses as tangible. The Scorpio Moon helps us dig deeper into our values and redefine Taurus symbols.

PS The Moon represents our day-to-day rhythm. Current transit of Mars in Cancer also shows us the importance of noticing our day-to-day rhythm and subtle changes to move forward.

PS As a rising Scorpio, I am quite affected by current transit and good to feel it with my five senses and communicate instead of just writing based on the transit chart.

Photo by Christine Roy, Unsplush

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