Taurus and our physical body

Today the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus in the Sky. Strong emphasis on Earth’s energy (4 planets in Taurus) is obvious without our intention because nature is already showing us their new buds, leaves, flowers, shifts in temperature, etc. Though the original energy of Taurus is about our body & five senses and nature/ environment, it also represents money and materialism in modern society. Depending on how you have lived, these areas where Taurus represents may be highlighted in this season.

For me, this Taurus energy reflected on my physical body. Before 2003, I jogged sometimes or had craves to jog. I believe that running is the basic power which humans should have next to walking. When I faced my health crisis in 2003, I completely lost my craving to run. After I moved to Sweden, it seemed that my general health improved but the craving for running never came back.

For several years, it perplexed me that I could exert my energy on Aikido training, which could be much harder for my body, but I still had no energy to run. For me, the fancy running clothes or running with friends gave me no incentive. I needed to feel my body willing to run. At some point, I gave up the idea of running as part of my things. I also considered that I would never run due to my age.

Yesterday, something special happened. For the first time in 20 years, I felt like running. 😮 My body craved running. It was warm weather yesterday but, in the past 20 years, the days with similar weather never gave me the feeling of running! As soon as I felt it, I went out to the nearby City Park and just ran! It was only a 30-minute jogging and walking. My body was wobbling and felt like electric shocks all over my body. I felt so great that my body started to feel a bit of running. It is my body but our relationship requires a continuous dialogue consciously and patiently. I am so grateful that she finally sent me a sign that she has been charged enough to run and I was sensitive enough to receive it.

Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

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