Stop if you are not sure – Part 2

In recent years, I have been constantly feeling at a crossroads and making choices, and I am still not good at it. One day, when I passed under a neighbour Oak tree, I heard a dropping message from above. “Stop when you are not sure.” I looked back and up at the Oak tree since nobody or nothing else was around me.

Firstly, I felt “Wow!!” Then, ‘small human me’ could not help replying to him, “But, how long do I have to stop? In reality, we always have dues! I need to know how I can make good decisions!” He did not drop any more messages on me. Or, I was not in the state to receive them then even if he dropped something more on me.

Some weeks passed without any answer to my question. Just before the previous New Moon, I was experiencing some days waking up too early, around 3.30 am. It is the optimal time when fear and anxiety marches into my thoughts and emotions, which stops me from sleeping further. Since I have been working on fears and anxiety in my life, on the 3rd night, I needed to face this time’s main topic, the fear of making decisions.

As soon as I imagined a crossroads, the message of the Oak tree, “Stop when you are not sure,” came over me with a profound understanding! 😮 I usually get uncomfortable when I face a crossroads, but this time, I felt massive trust and comfort in “All is well.”

The Oak tree did not mean that I should be sure about the path to take before I move, instead, he knew that I was not sure where I wanted to arrive after the path. For him, it does not matter which path to take as long as I know where I want to go.

Perhaps there are millions of paths in front of me. Some look productive and some look uncertain. However, don’t be disguised by the path itself. The key to making good decisions is to know where I want to arrive and how I want to be after the path. Then, the path itself does not matter if it is paved, muddy, or not on the map. As long as I am clear about my intention of the destination, I will surely enjoy the path whichever I choose. If I don’t know my intention, I must stop and wait until I know it. Otherwise, I may be lost in the path again and again.

The intention, where I want to be or how I want to be does not need to be a grand life purpose. It only needs to be genuine and aligning with one’s heart.

FYI – If you are not certain how to know it, Coaching is one of the good tools to look into your genuine intention.

Image: “Making a decision” – the Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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