Step by step in the Taurus season

In general, spring is a happy season for most people. For me, an autumn-born, spring is a bit tiring time because the energy change is so drastic. Even if I prepare well by feeling a subtle approach of spring, at some point, “Boom!”, there is a sudden burst of budding and blooming. Every year, nature cycles this explosion of energy from the winter to spring, equivalent to childbirth. Something appears where seemingly nothing existed.

The current Aries season brought us this childbirth. As soon as a child is born, we have to feed him/her. We are soon diving in the Taurus season. Yesterday, Venus moved into Taurus. Next Monday, the Sun and Mercury follow into Taurus. These shifts to Taurus may slow us down but it is a necessary one. Taurus signifies the physical world. “OK, I was born with a burst of energy (from somewhere) but I need to maintain myself in this 3rd dimension! Where can I find tangible food? Where can I live comfortably?” 

If you suffered from the fast speed of Aries in the past weeks, it starts to shift now because the speed of Taurus is realistic, step by step, or rather slow. Taurus knows that it takes time, space and effort to grow things in the 3rd-dimensional world. Taurus ruled by Venus can be patient and ambitious to be productive because s/he truly knows the tangible benefit and luxurious reward s/he would get afterwards.

Photo: Stones, rocks and boulders in Sweden are constantly observing us in our everyday life. Not only are they kind and patient, but also they are very wise.

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