Stop if you are not sure!

Happy New Moon in Aries! Last few weeks, I have been a bad example of ‘bias for action’. The current Sky with lots of Fire and Air energies clearly reflected on me. ‘Bias for action’ is our innate compulsion to take action whatever the situation is. In the present business scenes, it is appreciated with an effective and productive image. In personal life, however, it works quite differently. Recently, I impulsively applied for courses or bought products for the sake of ‘taking action’. I soon found they were not necessary for me at all and I needed to cancel or return them, which just drained my energy!

Currently, all the personal planets are in Aries (Initiating, Impulsive, Instinctive, Spontaneous) except Mars (the ruler of the Aries) makes us actively do ‘Gemini things’ (Communicative, Networking, Curious, Learning, Short-trip). Aries and Gemini are quick and spontaneous. They move before they think. They get frustrated if things are stagnated or if they cannot promptly do what they want! They are exactly ‘bias for action’ planets! 😀

A couple of months ago, a wise Oak tree in my neighbourhood has already told me “Stop if you are not sure.” I was walking under him while feeling stressed to make a decision and to take action. The latest events undoubtedly nailed his teaching within me. He also brought another gift together with the draining experience, which I’d write in the next post.

Image by me: Yes, he is the one on Trollebergsvägen!

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