MBTI and astrology

Have you tried the 16 Myers & Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine who is an MBTI expert, I found out my type in the system. After taking the first session with her and embracing my INTP-ness (a logos seeker!), I could not help analysing the similarities and differences between MBTI and astrology!

As of now, after only a session of MBTI, I find that MBTI is a method to figure out my Mercury, Moon and a bit of Sun in astrology. In astrology, Mercury shows what & how we think and communicate. It is our conscious mind and how we practically relate to others and society. The Moon stands for our innate tendency, habits, needs as well as our past. The Sun shows how you aspire to present yourself to the outer world. In a nutshell, MBTI tells us how we are inherently.

If we are happy with what we got, there is no need for personal development. If we feel some challenges or uncomfortableness being how we have inherited, it might be an invitation to look at it deeper for personal development through MBTI or astrology!

In modern astrology, it is thought that what we inherited is a blessing, but it will not make us go beyond. Unconsciously, many souls seek potentials, especially in the 21st century when we have so many possibilities. Actually, going beyond what we have now is a huge challenge. Not many people in the past centuries could try or wanted to try it. Now I understand why my wise teacher said “Living in the 21st century is not easy!”

MBTI tells me a bit of my Sun trait. In astrology, the Sun is the source, the path of our life’s quest and potentials. It is a new gift from the Sky. In old times, people had not much freedom to live their Sun signs. In modern society, we relate to the fortune-telling of the 12 Sun zodiac signs because society gives us more freedom to express our Sun signs. However, it is still easy to get stuck in our inherited abilities and blessings because they are comfortable for us. In such situations, astrology tells us clearly that only when we try to live our Sun sign, we can truly shine internally and externally.

Pic by me with my friend Oak tree!

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