Full Moon in Libra – Connecting with others and myself

Happy Full Moon in Libra! Libra generally stands for one-to-one relationships and balance. She likes to be with people as if it balances herself. Since Libra is ruled by the god of love & beauty Venus, it also represents harmony, aesthetics and self-worth.

I have a complicated feeling about Libra. For me, Libra falls in my 12th house, the house of unconsciousness, spiritual insights, inner-self, seclusion, retreat, etc. I’ve been confused by the paradox of the 12th house in Libra, because the almost opposite qualities exist in me. I want to be with someone but I want to be away from people. 😮 For long, I did not know how to deal with my internal paradox.

Yesterday, I had a sudden ‘Ah-ha moment’ for it! 😃 A one-to-one relationship does not need to be with someone else. The most important one-to-one relationship is the one with myself. Our inner world, body-mind-spirit, needs to be coherent and harmonious. Especially like me with the 12th house in Libra, the Full Moon in Libra is the optimal time to reconnect with myself, both my mind and emotion. It is the time to assess or make balance how I value myself as much as I value others. If the scale is not in balance, it is the time to adjust.

While the Moon phase in Libra reflects your emotional needs, don’t forget that the Sun together with Venus in Aries currently is encouraging and empowering us to JUST BE AS WHO YOU ARE. Aries are the energy of new born babies who do not care how others think and come to this world to express themselves. Fully absorb the Sun energy in this season which is the ultimate source to live on Earth before becoming sophisticated and sociable Libra.

As this Full Moon tension (the Sun & the Moon are at the opposite places) is very harmonious (good connections with other planets), whichever you choose to be with someone or with oneself will create a power to consciously strive forward (Mars in exact conjunction with the North Node).

NOTE: How the current situation of the Sky may reflect your life is really up to each person’s chart after all.

Image by Laurenz Kleinheider from Unsplash

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