Happy New Moon in Aquarius 2021!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! Happy New Year of Ox!

In the past week, I had trouble sleeping. I could fall asleep but woke up at 3 am. I am practising astrology but I don’t or cannot use it to see my future (we all are blind about our own). After a few days of sleepless nights, I finally checked my own Astro chart and the current Astro movement. No wonder I could not sleep…

What we are experiencing now is a sort of a revolutionary period. People may be feeling it consciously or unconsciously. Aquarius is highly intelligent, conceptual and mind-oriented but its thoughts are quite radical and unconventional. For example, it believes in egalitarian society without any hierarchy. It wants to overcome the conventional restrictions even with a forceful way, like a revolutionary fighter.

When people say the Age of Aquarius has started, it means we are in a midst of a big paradigm shift. Revolutionary things are happening regardless of our attention or not. We can only consider that time was a revolution when we look back. As we learned from our history, in revolutionary periods, things get wobbly. So many values may show up while our conventional society is shaking and decomposed.

The crucial thing at this time is to find your own truth and evaluate with your own eyes and brain. Do not get carried away by the smooth accessible tone of the surface. Find if there is any ‘genuineness’ in it.

Astro memo: Today 6 celestial bodies are gathering together in Aquarius! Not only the Sun & Moon are in exact conjunction (the new moon) but also Venus & Jupiter are coincidentally sticking together (in exact conjunction)!!! The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus who is moving in Taurus (tangible, reality) through 2021 together with Mars (conflict, action). Taurus is the sign squaring to the Aquarius, which gives a crush or a challenge to the relationship. Thus, all these 6 planets are forming high tensions with Mars & Uranus in Taurus.

NOTE: For those who relate with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio may find 2021 challenging. Because all the backups of the stars to Aquarius are constantly forming tensions to these signs. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius belong to the mode of ‘Fixed’ signs. That means that they have a tendency to fix to a certain thing, Taurus (material & tangible possession), Leo (pride/idea about itself), Scorpio (emotionally attached) and Aquarius (its thoughts/ ideals). The biggest theme here is not to attach to any but to let them go in the midst of revolution, only ‘genuineness’ remains.

Image: A rainbow appeared yesterday when I least expected.

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