Earthquake in Japan

There was another big earthquake around the Fukushima area yesterday. I learned about the earthquake by the messages from my friends in Tokyo on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, my family and friends are well. 🙂

The earthquake is considered as an aftershock of the earthquake in 2011 (followed by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster). It’s amazing to know that it took 10 years to get aftershocks of the last huge earthquake, which teaches me the cycle of Earth.

In history, Japan is the land of natural disasters. Because of such a harsh environment, the Japanese have developed an animistic relationship with nature. We traditionally don’t complain about what nature does. Since we find gods in nature, we asked for mercy. We surrendered to the gods’ will whatever happened (instead of fighting with or conquering nature) and rather put efforts in rebuilding after disasters.

In modern society, however, where the connection between the people and the land is weakened, I fear that many people may give in life instead of finding the meaning why nature does it or asking for help to the animistic gods. When I came back to my family in Japan, I feel that lots of people including my family and friends are unconsciously hiding or shouldering their trauma and fear from recent unprecedented earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and flooding.

Whenever such news comes from Japan, I feel helpless. How can I support? As the first aid for this, I am asking for help to send love and thoughts to the area and people of the affected areas. I usually do it whenever I see any news of conflicts or disasters.

Japan is expecting more aftershocks in the coming weeks. Living in safety shelters during this pandemic would be a double disaster. I hope it won’t happen. I also ask Earth for mercy since I feel that Earth may express herself more throughout the coming years. 🙏

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