A tribute for the New Moon in Aquarius!

This presentation is made to describe how I view Astrology in everyday life. 🔥

Astrology is not science. It has existed long before science. Not-being-science does not make it worthless. When science took its position in society, it detached the other half of itself by labelling astrology as outdated or pseudoscience. Since then, the Sky was muted to communicate with us through our emotions.

Before the 17th century, astronomers were also astrologers. They studied both physics and philosophy of the celestial bodies. They were not about good or bad, like Yin & Yang. After the detachment, the accumulated and profound knowledge of astrology had to go underground and practised only by limited people until the 1970’s when Hippie people reintroduced it as popular culture.

Astrology of the 21st century (the Age of Aquarius) is in the process of complete transformation from the Hippie culture and re-constructed as a tool to reflect ourselves. It’s not science nor fortune-telling. It is just astrology – the vast ancient knowledge we human beings could utilise to reconnect with the Sky to seek ‘logos’ or hints for life.

PS Heliocentrism is common knowledge. Still, geocentric astrology works well since it seems difficult for us to change the earthbound perspectives.

PS Astrologically, Aquarius also signifies astrology! ⭐️🔥

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