Preparing for the New Moon in Aquarius

Since the last Winter Solstice, the energy of Aquarius is getting stronger and stronger. This week, since around the time when Venus moved into Aquarius, the news signifying “the energy of Aquarius” have been heard including the stock rise of GameStop by amateur investors and the sudden spread of Clubhouse by Elon Musk talking about space development! 😮

In February, the energy of Aquarius is SUPER STRONG because five planets are already in the sign. And, the coming New Moon in Aquarius will add the power to be felt by individuals at their emotional level. Thus, it is a great opportunity to intentionally launch our own Age of Aquarius (or the era of Air)…by making it clear how we want to live.

Instead of being stirred by the change of the environment, we need to take back our power to face the change. The energy of Aquarius signifies technological advancement, forward-looking, humanitarian, grassroots power, etc, and encourages us to cooperate and work together rather than to compete. This means that it is moving to a different direction from, at least, our 2000-year history.

Here are something to note on the New Moon in Aquarius:

⭐ Notice and surrender to the new beginning of a cycle. Instead of fearing the new, see it as an opportunity. To do it, release & let go which no longer serves us.

⭐ Understand more about “Air” quality. What do I mean by Air? The easiest for me is to BE LIGHT – Light in the sense of brightness & shining; and light in the sense of weight-wise and simplifying life.

⭐ Strengthen to BE HERE & NOW. Shift the concept of time. Time could be felt linear, cyclical and spiral but we can only exist in now.

⭐ Connect with the world around us, Earth, nature and the Sky and community! Not only by physical proximity but in the sense of emotions by understanding our environment. Aquarius tends to pull us to future, virtual reality and emotionally detached (non-sentimental). Sadly, human beings has physical bodies which are only helped to live by Earth. Give much more love and thanks to Earth! 🌏

⭐ Lastly, BE YOURSELF. Be clear about HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE. At times, the energy of Aquarius may impose us to be part of the group or tribe, the biggest difference from the previous era is that difference & uniqueness of individuals need to be appreciated to be part of the group. For this, we need to know how we want to live and be happy.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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