Happy Spring!

Happy Setsubun (節分)! Happy Shunbun (立春)!

Around the time of Imbolc (Ireland), in Japan, we celebrate Setsubun (the border of winter & spring) and Shunbun (the beginning of spring). Since Japan had used the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar for nearly 1900 years, our “traditions” are mostly based on this old calendar.

If we were still using the old calendar, we would have still been in 2020. Setsubun is a ritual to purge bad spirits and energies from our homes before welcoming happy Spring on the next day. We scatter dried soybeans all around the house with the intention of purging accumulated bad spirits during the winter!

Both Imbolc and Shunbun are the old knowledge of celebrating seasons. Astrologically, it is around the time of the Sun reaching the midpoint (15 degrees) of Aquarius. With the modern system, it actually happens on the 3rd Feb together with the Moon at perigee! How powerful the start of this new Spring!

Feel so blessed to be connected with my Friends around the world who also appreciate the seasons on Earth! Thank you!

Image: Dried soy beans – Setsubun by Kyukyodo

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