When the Sun meets Mercury retrograde

Today retrograding Mercury is at exact conjunction with the Sun. This may bring back our old wounds and issues to our consciousness and take a good look at them and us.

Current Mercury retrograde (MR) is EXTRA powerful since it is happening in the sign of Aquarius. There are five planets in Aquarius at the moment and the Moon will join in the mid-week.

In general, MR is when confusions take place in the internet, transportation, electronic devices, communications, etc. For me, MR is more meaningful to take time to reflect the period before this MR.

Regardless of my intention, my old issue automatically came back since last week and urged me to reflect upon it. The good thing is that we are constantly evolving and I am not the same person with whom I was last autumn. MR wants us to reconfirm it and move forward.

In nature, shifts are subtle and constant. There is the period of swinging between winter and spring. Spring comes while winter is ending. Reflecting is a part of our moving-forward.

Snow morning on 8 February 2021

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