Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

Yesterday Mercury started retrograding. This time, I was feeling it for the past two weeks under its shadow period. When Mercury became stationary yesterday, a relevant teaching came to me once again in a clear undeniable way to remind me to look back on my old commitment! 😮

Mercury retrograde is the most famous one among all the planet retrogrades since it happens 3 or 4 times a year. During this period, it is said that communications, travels and IT devices may get interrupted, confused or troubled. Thus, it is often recommended to double or triple check for these areas during Mercury retrograde periods.

For me, retrograde is nothing unlucky or disturbing. It is just a part of our natural rhythm. It is an opportunity to reflect and reconfirm about oneself, a situation or whatever we started or committed. After moving forward with a full speed, we need to take some time to contemplate and review before moving further.

During this period, I recommend going back to whatever started before this retrograde period or something you have not finished. It is a great opportunity to catch up and finish.

Retrograding periods also encourage us to expand our creative expressions. They support us to develop our uniqueness and inner world-making by detaching ourselves from norms & values of our society.

About retrograde (technical description):
When the stars look like they are moving backwards in the Sky, it is called “retrograde motion” in astronomy. Old times, astrologers thought that the stars were actually moving backwards and tried to find ominous reasoning in the movement. (including the extensive shadow periods!)

Now we all know the planets in the Solar System are moving forward but modern astrologers find natural rhythms in them for those who live on Earth. The backward movement gives us a space for feeling the rhythms though the planet is actually closer to Earth than other times. Perhaps it is helping us to connect with retrograding plants in a more deeper sense.

At the last moment before changing directions, like yesterday, the planets look like stopping for a while. This is called “stationary” and events usually get intensified astrologically. 😮

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

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