Vem är jag? A tribute to the coming Full Moon in Leo

Who am I? It is the biggest mystery in my life. I have always wanted to know about myself who I am, not in the sense of a work title, someone’s daughter, girlfriend or a Japanese woman but how I am inside. That is why I am an astrology and shamanism practitioner to know myself truly and deeply.
An astrologer once told me “You are like a mystery novel writer. You could consciously dive deep down into your and other people’s psychology.” Being a Rising Scorpio with Mercury/Pallas and Neptune conjunction, I usually have super quick laserbeam intuitions but they are also fleeting and fading away instantly! After the hunches are gone, my investigative mind tenaciously tries to reconstruct what they were though it has been always unsuccessful.
In my inner-world, there was always a struggle if I should follow my unique intuition or my logical mind. Sometimes, I was in trouble by changing what I have once agreed or decided. In social situations, I often tried to listen to my logical mind by fending off my flickering intuitions. I often realised late what I agreed or decided by following my logical mind made me unhappy.
As I already knew a pattern between my intuition and mind, all I needed was an explanation why I do that! The astrologer was the first person who could thoroughly explain it to me in the way I understand.
Another astrologer told me “You are a spiritual warrior and explorer, and you can turn spirituality into practical usage.” Having the Sagittarius Sun (exact sextile to Jupiter) conjuncting with Scorpion Neptune in my first house, the Sky encourages me to fight for my own truth and explore the ways to trust in myself and life.
Everyone has a unique mission on Earth. Do you know who you truly are?
Image: Lilla Kazumi – You feel the photo quality of the 20th c, right? 😂

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