A sense of responsibility – Where does it come from?

From the morning, I was feeling highly stressed to receive a call from my parents in Japan complaining about my other siblings and the current lock-down situations.

I get extremely pressured when I hear their complains or loneliness because I receive them as my fault or feel guilty not being there to support.

Simultaneously, I realised that, today, the Sun (oneself) & Saturn (responsibility) are tightly together in Aquarius in the Sky (an aspect called ‘conjunction’). For me, Aquarius occupies a part of my natal chart (a house) related to family, parents, ancestors, home, etc.

I don’t need to feel guilty about what they say. Perhaps they just wanted to have a family chat. But I take it seriously and get stressed.

The Sky always reminds me that the problem is more how I view the situation rather than the situation itself.

Instead of seeing the formations of the Sky are influencing on people on Earth (as in traditional astrology), the Sky gives us an opportunity to reflect how we see everyday situations from our own perspective (as in psychological astrology).

Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash

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