2021 as part of a huge season

Happy 2021! 🌟

Congratulations! You successfully survived 2020 if you are reading this! Astrologically, we finally stepped into a new era, which is not often easy…

What will happen in 2021? Our “transformation” just continues. This week, it is rather busy in the sky since three personal planets are changing signs and we may feel it more personally.

For me, this new era is not about something we are moving towards the apocalyptic situation or creating a completely new Sci-Fi society. In 2021, the shift continues like a season change.

Absorbed in modern science, we forget that we are part of nature, including the concept of time. Time is not linear without the divisions of a scale. Astrologically, it is basically cyclical and spiral. When time passes it is advancing within the cycle while evolving other dimensions.

As the Sun and the Moon provide us the most obvious day-to-day rhythms (cyclical), other planet rhythms (cyclical) are also urging us to evolve and expand our views (spiral).

We will carry through what truly matters to the collective and the universe (incl. our tiny solar system). During the process, however, we need to shed the inorganic excess and fallacies (not human beings’ life/death per se) to be lighter to shift from the Sky’s perspective.

The Sun & the Moon always have our backs, so do other planets!

Image: Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

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