Wish you a good closing of the year…

A good friend of mine asked “Astrologically, is there any shift in the sky on the new year’s day?” From an astrological perspective, there is no major event happening, which may signify an ending or a beginning of the year (except the Moon moves to Leo tonight).

Astrologically, a yearly cycle for the collective starts around the Spring Equinox because the Sun moves into Aries. For individuals, our birthdays (or our Solar Return dates) are the points of a yearly cycle.

Then, why do we still feel an energy shift on the New Year Day? I believe that it is an amazing power of collective intention. When many people intend a certain thing, they resonate and create one vibe as the mood is infectious. Not the date itself is powerful to change but our individual intentions are wanting to have a new year day on the calendar.

If many people are considering and intending that it’s a fresh New Year tomorrow, so is it!

Image: Sekka Kamisaka (1866-1942) “36 poems” Poems and Pictures (1934)

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