My Dragon stories begin…

Japan is the land of the Dragon. You might have noticed just by looking at the shape of the Japanese archipelago. It is the only Dragon emblem on the globe! Not only the country of Japan exists on the Dragon, but also many places in Japan are related to Dragons and many people are consciously or unconsciously with their own Dragon, including myself.

Culturally, initial Dragon images and stories came from China many centuries ago, but Japanese Dragons are different from Chinese ones. Geographically, we still have over 100 active volcanoes (10% of the world’s active volcanoes) which often produce hot springs. Hot springs are special because they have medicinal effects (curing) and connect us with the Earth’s core energy (healing).

Today I was reminded to talk about my Dragon stories…My stories of Dragons are not based on any mythologies or historical facts. They are just what I learned from my Dragons.

“Dragons” represent the primal power of any beings or the inner core of the Earth like the erupting magma. Astrologically speaking, it is like the energy of Pluto. It is the fire of our soul, the balance & the strength to move through the time of transformation.

Image: Japan from space

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