Surrender : Full Moon in Cancer

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! 🌝

Just after the last New Moon in Sagittarius, I was walking in the city park for my daily exercise. The Sun was shining over me, unlike ordinary December days. As the sunshine released the tension in my body, I felt warm and free. “Surrender…” a whisper came to me from somewhere.

Surrender to what or whom? On the coming Full Moon in Cancer, transit Chiron makes squares to the Full Moon opposition of the Sun and the Moon. This will highlight our ancient wounds engraved in our soul. Is there anything that you have been trying to fix or heal but it has never been possible?

I immediately knew, for me, it was “Surrender who I am”. Accept who I am, what I see, what I think and what I do. Surrender to treat myself as the best and life-long companion in this life.

A long time ago, I learned that fixing others was not possible but I’ve been trying hard to fix myself. 🙁 I’ve fought enough with myself. Though I’ve done my best, I could not fix myself as I wanted, which pains me now and then. Will it ever disappear? Do I need to continue this struggle?

The Chiron wounds, unfortunately, will never be healed unless we genuinely accept and embrace the fact that we cannot be healed from these ancient wounds. I know, it is paradoxical.

The year 2020 was special because it appeared in reality. It showed us that human beings are nothing mightier than an invisible organism. We want to put everything under control but we are learning that it is an illusion. We are just living day by day in a subtle dimension of an equilibrium. While we all suffer from isolation, the collective is unconsciously suffering this wound.

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