Has the Age of Aquarius started?

Since the Great Conjunction (GC) has happened in the astrological sign of Aquarius (not the constellation of the sky), many people are hurrahing “We’re entering the Age of Aquarius!”

Some say that it has already started a while ago. Others say that it will start in around 2600. In fact, there is no agreement on when the Age of Aquarius actually starts. There are many different theories and opinions on how the period is calculated.

All I know is that we need to feel it and judge by ourselves. What separates modern Astrology from ancient Astrology is that the planets do not determine our future or life path but they are the reflections of our unconscious mind.

In other words, how we consider the shifts in the sky is all up to individuals. We are just mirroring ourselves to the sky to define who we are and how we are at the moment. Therefore, if you feel “I am entering the Age of Aquarius”, most likely your Age of Aquarius has just started! 😃

It seems like mine has been started a while ago OR my existence itself is the Age of Aquarius… I feel society has finally noticed the need to catch up my notion but it is not quite there yet and wonder if it will be during my lifetime… The Age of Aquarius to become an ordinary sense may take more longer time like in 2600.

In the unconscious level of individuals and the collective, it has been a powerful week. Please take good care of yourself!

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