The Great Conjunction is about an overlap of Jupiter & Saturn from the Earth’s perspective. This phenomenon is not rare since it occurs every 20 years based on their 12-year (Jupiter) and 28-year cycles (Saturn). What is special about today’s conjunction is that it coincides with the Winter Solstice, the longest-night day of the year, and it happens in an Air sign Aquarius indicating the era of Aquarius.

If the sky is cleared enough, we may be able to see it in the southwest sky just after the sunset.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are considered as ‘social planets’ in astrology, they are used to predict advancement (Jupiter) and limitation (Saturn) in the affected area (Aquarius) in our society for the coming decades and centuries.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are powerful planets as you can imagine from the names. The astrological archetype of Jupiter is Zeus, the sky & thunder god being king of the Greek gods, who is expansive, adventure-seeker, optimistic, confident, extravagant, courageous, generous and wise. It has been believed the star of good fortune and abundance.

On the other hand, the archetype of Saturn is Cronus, the god of time. In Greek mythology, Jupiter (Zeus) is a son of Saturn (Cronus) but Zeus had to escape from being killed by his father because Cronus feared that Zeus might overthrow him who did to his own father Uranus! Thus, Saturn represents fear, limitation, seriousness, strategy, ambition, and traditional Father qualities like responsibility, structure, discipline.

How are the conflicting qualities, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, experienced?

Some cases may be felt like pressing the accelerator and the brake at the same time. Energetically, there will be significant advancement in technology or science but there will also be challenges, which may be felt as frustration creating unprecedented dilemmas. For instance, we are already facing the dilemma of newly developed vaccines for covid-19. While we want to get stronger by being vaccinated, we fear if the vaccines are safe enough. As soon as Saturn moved into Aquarius, we’ve been hearing news about large scale cyber attacks!

We may also create new values by integrating opposing or completely different factors. The sign Aquarius indicates innovation, originality and unconventionality. It also implies independent components or individuals comprising a whole, a group or community. The opposing qualities of Jupiter and Saturn should be recognised independently but they could be integrated as a power to be imaginative but realised in reality.

Wish you a beautiful Great Conjunction celebration!

Image extracted for the position of Lund, Sweden from timeanddate.com

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